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  • What is Pro Iowa?

    The USL Championship, the United Soccer League's (USL) top tier, has more than 36 member clubs across the U.S. and Canada. It reaches more than 84 million people. Iowa has been selected by the USL and there is an initial franchise agreement with the USL to obtain one of these final franchise opportunities, but the agreement is contingent upon a soccer-specific stadium being built to support this level of play. If Iowa cannot meet the USL’s requirements, the franchise will be awarded to another team and market.

  • What is Pro Iowa's Vision?

    Soccer is more than a game; it connects people across ages, cultures, and communities.  Pro Iowa has been created to help bring the world's game to our state at the professional level.

  • What impact will Pro Iowa have on economic development?

    According to our 2019 feasibility study, a multiuse stadium would create a magnet for new business development, generating an estimated $10 million in total spending and $3 million in increased earnings, annually.  The stadium is expected to pay for itself in the first five years in economic impact.

  • How will Pro Iowa attract talent to the region?

    As Des Moines continues to grow and attract a more diverse workforce, a stadium suited for soccer represents an opportunity to boost civic pride in our growing city.  Millennials are the first generatino of lifelong soccer fans in the US, and they follow teams at the local, national, and internatinoal levels.

  • How will Pro Iowa grow our community?

    Soccer is the most played and watched sport in the world.  Bringing a professional team will help Des Moines to grow, and bring fans from all walks of life together in shared team pride.

    "We're talking more about a global community.  And to be cool or hip within that global community, you've got to know the global game."  - Cobi Jones, Former MLS star (L.A. Galaxy) and National Soccer Hall of Famer

  • How will Pro Iowa positively impact our neighborhood?

    This project has the potential to continue and complement Central Iowa's legacy of providing amenities that enahnce our community.  Having a USL Champinoship team in Iowa will increase the effictiveness of legacy projects already develping in Downtown Des Moines as a culture and sports destination (Principal Park, Wells Fargo Arena, Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Principal Riverwalk, Des Moines Civic Center, etc.), while adding to ongoing initiatives (i.e., Central Iowa Water Trails, Lauridsen Skatepark, etc.).  The stadium can also be used for concerts, festivals, and other sports.  

  • Where will the stadium be built?

    A site has been identified at the intersection of MLK Parkway and SW. 14th street, expanding the reach of downtown Des Moines and enhancing the existing energy and appetite for sporting events downtown.

  • When will the stadium be built?

    Once funding is secured, and if we stay on track with timely decision-making, we anticipate breaking ground in 2022, with match play beginning in 2023.

  • How do I get involved?

    You can get involved by signing up for our latest updates at proiowa.com and following us on Facebook and Twitter at @USLProIowa. We need your support to move the stadium project forward!